Dr. Scott Elkin
Dr. Scott R. Elkin is a physician with a specialization in psychiatry. His medical and psychiatric training is broad based; embracing traditional, osteopathic, and alternative approaches to care. Graduating medical school from Michigan State University, he served as a commissioned medical officer in the United States Public Health Service. Before moving to Texas in 1981 he completed residency and fellowship training and is board certified in both adult and child and adolescent psychiatry (AOBNP).

Additional certifications are held in areas of pain management (AAPM), clinical hypnosis (ASCH), and naturopathic medicine. He has studied movement therapies, acupuncture, chi-kung, and spiritually based energetic medicine. He is certified as a personal trainer (ACE), yoga instructor (IYI), and health and fitness educator (AAFE).

He recognizes the profound impact of mind body awareness as an integral part of the therapeutic process. Formerly both teacher and educator, he serves as assistant clinical professor at the University of Texas Arlington, training senior advanced nurse practitioners.

As to a personal philosophy he draws from Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions of service, self awareness, and self improvement. Committed to his patients, aspiring to the highest standards of care, his heartfelt intention is to leave the world a better place than he found it. He holds his practice as an expression of that belief.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dr. Scott Elkin